Why customers choose SafeBubble™

Choose SafeBubble™ if you want a fast acting solution for virus protection. SafeBubble™ gives you a personal, virus-free space which last for 30 days. Each SafeBubble™ device contains a pack of VapureTech™ powder which, when mixed with water, gives you a fast-acting anti-viral gel that kills Human Corona Virus and many others too.

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Set up & forget
Personal protection for 30 virus-free days

SafeBubble™ provides hands-off, hassle-free viral protection. Starts protecting in 5 minutes, lasts for 30 days with 99.9% efficacy

Safe places, safe people
Protect customers & teams all day, everyday

Set one up in hotel or services rooms, reception areas and meeting spaces and every person who comes or goes is protected

Virus free travel
Now your transport can be safe & easy

With SafeBubble™ in your car, Uber or school bus, you can relax & concentrate on driving, your passengers are safe

Keep food fresher, longer
SafeBubble™ is kitchen safe & food friendly

Put one in your fridge for longer lasting fruit, vegetables. Put one in your kitchen to kill harmful bacteria and viruses on impact!

Pet-safe, removes odors
For virus and odor free living

Safe for use around animals, SafeBubble™ also nutralises bad room smells including cigarettes, cigars, malodorous foods such as fish etc

SafeBubble™ is the goto personal viral disinfection solution. In a super-portable form, each unit provides 30 days of cover for up to 10m3. Order yours today.

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How SafeBubble™ works
to create your 10m3 safe space in minutes

Using a form of CIO2 called VapureGel™, SafeBubble™ creates a 30 day, viral-free interior space where ever you set it up.

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Fill the provided container with at least 100ml of clean water

Pour the entire contents of the sachet into the container

Cover with the cap & wait for 30 mins, when the gel turns yellow it is ready to use

Control the release level of the gas by rotating the lid clockwise

Why customers choose SafeZone™

SafeZone™ gives users amazing coverage in a highly portable form. The two tablets in each SafeZone™ pack give you VapureTech™’s powerful disinfectant abilities without the hassle of large volumes of liquid associated with other similar viral killing products. Our customers love how easy it is to store and how simple it is to use SafeZone™ to disinfect their homes, workplaces and venues.

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100% alcohol free cleaning & anti-viral protection

Alcohol-free VapureTech is 100% halal, it evaporates slowly providing longer lasting anti-viral protection you can rely on

Use all around the home
safe with pets, plants & foodstuff

Clean all your fruit & vegetables and SafeZone™ will extend their lifespan, clean fridges & cookers too, to remove harmful bacteria.

Safe to use on furniture
Kills viruses, leaving no stain or residue

SafeZone™ is safe for use on all furniture, upholstery or hides and leathers. You can also use it on carpets or wooden or hard flooring.

Zero-rust formula
SafeZone™ is safe for use on any metal work

Use on any metallic surface or structure, SafeZone™ won’t tarnish or rust your gym equipment, mechanical tools or work benches.

Wide area cleansing
Super portable, fast acting, long lasting

SafeZone™ is perfect in spaces with high customer in /out flows, like spa rooms, hotel lobbies or passenger terminals

SafeZone™ is fast becoming the goto viral disinfection solution for homes, offices and venue. Its super portable and provides lasting cover inside and out. Order yours today.

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How SafeZone™ works
to provide fast & effective large area viral disinfection

Each 10g VapureTab™ provides you with 10 litres of SafeZone™ liquid for large area viral disinfection day for fumigation, surface applications or large area fogging.

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Fill a large container with 10 litres of clean + pure water

Add 1 VapureTab™ tablet into the water in the container

Wait 3 to 5 minutes for the VapureTab™ to dissolve completely

Stir gently and use with a dispenser, see applications.

Happy customers, free from contamination

SOS provides you with the safety and assurance you need to live life to the fullest. Don’t just take our word for it. Read what our happy customers are saying.

SafeZone™ got us back to business as usual!

Never thought I’d say it, but I’m happily back at work and in my office thanks to SafeZone™

James Johnson

Kidderminster. UK.

SafeBubble™ gives my family peace of mind

A sense of normality is back, our SafeBubble™ helps makes family life liveable again.

Loretta Hingston

Addington. UK.

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The FAQs of the matter.
Your questions answered.

There are a lot of questions regarding VapureTech So we put together this FAQ on how the powerful, natural substance CIO2 eliminates fungi, fungal spores, viruses, vegetable bacteria and bacterial spores, all whilst remaining safe for humans, plants & animals.

Q. What is VapureTech™?

ClO2 by its inherent nature is highly reactive and disperses quickly. VapureTech™ gel or tablet is a proprietary formulation of CIO2 that takes the highly reactive gas and renders it in a longer lasting, easy to manage gel or tablet forms.

Q. How does VapureTech™ work?

VapureTech™ provides a controlled release of ClO2 gas vapour in your personal space, killing Covid, Viruses and Bacterial contaminents. The CIO2 gas is undetectable on release except for a subtle bleach-like odor.

Q. Where can I use VapureTech™ ?

Yes. VapureTech™ in either gel or tablet form, is proven effective and safe for use in homes, workplaces, public places, kitchens, transport systems leisure and hospitality environments.

Q. How long is VapureTech™ effective for?

Our easy to use gel formulation provides an extended protection period of 30 days. With SOS VapureTech™, the benefits of ClO2 are easily accessible and can be enjoyed in a user-friendly manner for a whole month.

Q. How does VapureTech™ kill viruses?

ClO2 is an Oxidizing biocide, it deactivates micro organisms (viruses, bacteria & fungi) by attacking and penetrating their cellular walls, disrupting the transport of nutrients across the cell wall and inhibiting protein synthesis.

Q. Does VapureTech™ kill dormant viruses?

Yes. Since the deactivation (of the micro organisms) occurs regardless of the metabolic state of the organism, VapureTech’s oxidising biocides are effective against live or dormant organisms and spores.

Q. Can VapureTech™ be used near humans?

Yes. Thanks to its formulation and how it releases ClO2 gas into the environment, VapureTech™ is completely harmless to humans, plants and animals. You can even wash your food with it or leave one in the fridge.

Q. Do I shake after adding VapureTech™ to water?

No. Don’t shake or stir the contents. For SafeBubble™, simply add 100ml of water to the container, then add the powder. Wait for 20 minutes and your highly effective virus killer will be ready and you room safe from harm.

Q. Should I buy SafeBubble™ or SafeZone™?

Buy a SafeBubble™ if you want personal protection as it creates a 10m3 virus-free ‘safe bubble’. If you want large area disinfection or fogging, buy SafeZone™; each pack makes 20 litres of highly concentrated virus-killing liquid.

Q. Can I take SafeBubble™ with me?

Yes. SafeBubble is designed to be used in enclosed spaces, is completely portable and once activated, will work for 30 days, continuously. Because it is completely food and people safe you can even take your Safebubble to a café, restaurant or school.

Q. Can I use SafeBubble™ while traveling?

Simply keep your SafeBubble upright while transporting it and you can enjoy a 10 cubic meter virus free zone wherever you go – from cars and taxis, to your workplace, other houses and public venues.

Q. Is it safe to inhale or eat near SafeBubble™?

Yes. SafeBubble is designed to be used in enclosed spaces and is 100% alcohol and chlorine free. It is completely safe for use around humans, animals and food stuffs; you and your loved ones can breathe, eat and live in complete safety in a 10 cubic meter Safe Bubble.

Q. How big is a virus-free safe bubble?

SafeBubble™ creates a 10 cubic meter safe bubble. Simply place the unit in the centre of your enclosed area and you and your friends, colleagues and family can enjoy a virus and bacteria-free space.

Q. How do I know if SafeBubble™ is working?

Once added, leave the SafeBubble™ unit on a flat surface for 20 minutes while the gel forms. You will know your SafeBubble™ is active once the gel turns yellow.

Q. Can I use SafeBubble™ inside a hot vehicle?

Yes, but with conditions. While we do not recommend leaving a SafeBubble™ in your vehicle’s interior if temperatures exceed 28ºC, however, the gel will liquify but remain active. We kindly suggest that you take the unit with you to make your new destination virus free.

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What is CIO2 ?

Abbreviated to CIO2, Chlorine Dioxide is a small, volatile and very strong molecule consisting of 1 Chlorine atom and 2 Oxygen atoms.

ClO2 is an oxidising biocide, it deactivates micro organisms by attacking and penetrating their cell wall, disrupting the transport of nutrients across the cell wall and inhibiting protein synthesis. Since this action occurs regardless of the metabolic state of the organism, oxidizing biocides are effective against dormant organisms and spores.

CIO2 is a powerful disinfectant and is becoming an increasingly popular choice for biocidal applications in industries around the world. CIO2‘s core chemistry is well established and its efficacy and safety is trusted.

CIO2 can help the health of your business give your team and customers peace of mind

Creating a greater sense of wellbeing at work is vital to success. With Vapure-Tech™ fighting contaminants in the workplace, your team can focus on achieving their objectives free from fear of Covid 19 contamination.

In addition to fighting Covid 19, Vapure-Tech™ CIO2 technology kills a wide range of bacteria, viruses and fungi further supporting your team’s good health, resulting in fewer sick days and greater productivity.

It’s not just your team who will feel more comfortable, your customers will also feel safe visiting your premises. From hotels and hospitality to transport, retail and entertainment with Vapure-Tech™ solutions you can welcome your customers with peace of mind.

Harness the fighting power of Vapure-Tech against Covid19 and other contaminants

Vapure-Tech™ uses ClO2 to make one of the most effective disinfectants, capable of eliminating bacteria, viruses, moulds, biofilms and even spores. Its function as a biocide, algaecide, fungicide, makes it a very powerful general disinfectant.

Because CIO2 does not belong to the chlorine series of disinfectants, it does not contain Hypochlorous acid which harms human cells, and does not produce carcinogenic THM Trihalomethane, making it safe to use around humans, plants and animals.

WHO & The Environment Protection Agency approved, CIO2 reduces microorganisms to safe levels, destroying or irreversibly inactivating infectious viruses, fungi and bacteria. It can be used in a wide range of applications where cleanliness is critical.

CIO2 is proven to be highly effective against the following viral infections, contaminents and bacterial diseases

Blakelea tripura
E. coli 0157:h7
Erwin carotovora
Fusarium sambucinum
Listeria monocytogenes
Salmonella enterica
Staphylococcus aureus
Plus many others

Coronavirus (Human)
Foot and mouth disease
Influenza-A virus
Mouse Hepatitis Virus
Plus many others

Use VapureTech™ to sterilise and disinfectyour home, workplace or venue.

Use SafeZone™tablets to create a powerful steriliser that eliminates fungi, viruses, bacteria and bacterial and fungal spores. Wipe, spray or mop surface areas, or soak fruit & vegetable produce (rinse with water before consumption)

SafeZone™tablets create a powerful disinfectant solution that can be used on objects and non-living surfaces (such as work counters and flooring) to destroy or irreversibly inactivate infectious fungi and bacteria.

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Perfect products
for peace of mind

Everything you need to assure your family, your team and your customers of a safe, virus-free environment. Get in touch to request a brochure of upcoming products

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RRP USD2.65 (BD1) Per Unit

SafeZone™ Sprayer

Simply and safely apply SafeZone™ with this handy 1 litre dispenser

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RRP USD8 (BD3) Per Unit

SafeZone™ 20litre

1 SafeZone™ tablet in this container filled with water creates 20 litres of disinfectant

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RRP USD26.5 (BD9.9) Per Unit


1 x SafeBubble™ unit creates a 10m3 virus-free bubble for 30 days.

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RRP USD21.5 (BD7.9) Per Pack of 2


2 tablets added to water creates 40 litres of anti-viral disinfectant.

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Price on Application


Comprehensive personal protection equipment for your cleaning team.

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Price on Application


Industrial strength fogger helps disinfect large areas fast.

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